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Def 1. To run like a kenyan.

Def 2. To run for your freedom.

Can have Going, Went, Or About to go in front of saying.
Ex. 1. John won the race because he went Kenyan.

Ex. 2. Guy 1: I heard you got caught shoplifting.

Guy 2: Yea, but i went Kenyan on those rent a cops and got away.

Ex. 3. "Hold on... Im going Kenyan"
by xmorpheus24x April 16, 2009
1.The worst school in history.

2.A school that makes children dress up like idiots.

3.A Catholic school in the newburgh ghetto.

4. A derogatory place like hell
1.I went to bishop dunn memorial school... it sucked.

2. Do you go to bishop dunn?
Haha you look gay.

3. person 1. I went to Bishop Dunn and almost got shot.

person 2. Damn thats ghetto

4. Why dont you just go to bishop dunn you ass
by xmorpheus24x September 02, 2008
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