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3 definitions by xie_kitchin

The rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist and sometimes-keyboardist for the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. He has a penchant for oddly patterned shirts and sparkly things. This is excusable, because he is German. When he isn't stealing Alex's vodka or touring with the boys, he writes and records songs with the mysterious Alexander Ragnew under the name Box Codax.
He also has a very large arse. He knows it. We know it. You love it.

See synonyms at: metrosexual, princess, buftie, and ghetto booty.
1. Nick McCarthy? Baby got BACK!
2. Nick McCarthy thinks very sexy thoughts. It's a curse.
3. Nick McCarthy is a pervy bum fancier. Just ask Bob, he'll tell you.
by xie_kitchin July 30, 2006
62 8
-a word invented to describe the transformation of a cat's body while laying on its belly with the paws tucked under, thus giving it the appearance of having no legs.
Look at Karma. She's being an ittybittykittyloaf.
by xie_kitchin November 14, 2007
53 8
-a cat so fluffy and cute that you want to eat it like a steak.

(plural: fluffykittysteaks diminutive: ittybittykittysteak)

see also: ittybittykittyloaf
Awww, you're so cute! I could just eat you up! C'mere, ya little fluffykittysteak!
by xie_kitchin November 14, 2007
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