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A neo-punk is more efficient form of punk. Instead of wasting time caring about how they-selves dress, and the currant punk fads(emo), they worry about the issues they believe in. e.g. abuse of authority, conforming to standard, etc. While fashion has little to do with there attitude, neo-punks tend to dress in a disguising manner,(Suites & Slacks) as if to infiltrate the "Standard" and infect from the inside out. Typically enjoying all types of music,(except that which is no the radio)and tend to enjoy underground music the best, finding that it has the same social detachment as they. Mostly very smart, they see through plot to standardize and suppress the masses.
Amon Tobin, Beasie Boys, Soul Coughing, Xero Chi neo-punk
by xero chi August 02, 2007

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