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A clue-by-four is a term used when someone is irritatingly clueless in a detrimental way and not only needs to be corrected, but needs to be chastised at the same time.
Someone needs to hit that stupid hacker script-kiddie with a clue-by-four before he gets us all in trouble.
by Xaprb January 16, 2004
Popularized by Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes fame, this word in fact does NOT go back to Shakespearean times as some uptarded dictionaries claim. Of course those dictionaries are mostly by descriptionists adhered to of in for by.
If you don't bug the fizznuck off, I'll transmogrify you into a long, pink, ribbed, slinky, stretchy, pre-worn umm, thing. Bizzle!
by Xaprb January 07, 2004
What happens when you are smoking pot and have to take a shit in the woods, but forget you are doing it and start to walk off in the middle. Squatting and wandering at the same time.
He started to squeeze out a big one, but then stood up in the middle and squandered off absentmindedly.
by Xaprb December 30, 2003
Binoculars that let you see through people's clothes. Excellent for scoping out chicks when rock climbing.
Whoa, look who just arrived! Gimme the exroculars!
by Xaprb January 10, 2004
Synonym for shit. See also AffrontPage.
I tried to create a website in FrontPage, but I stayed so busy wiping my screen that I never got anything done.
by Xaprb January 08, 2004
An international grocery store notorious for high prices. See also Grub Cat.
Bizzle1: Sup, yo.
Bizzle2: Gonna Food of all Inflations. Wanna go?
Bizzle1: Nope, I be headin to Grub Cat.
by Xaprb January 08, 2004
Similar to samblich, but has funnier connotations when spoken by a strawberry blonde.
That's not a samblich, it's a slambich!
by Xaprb January 10, 2004

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