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The most retaded thing on the internet; EVER.

Chain mail ususally tells you to passs it on, or something bad will happen to you.

Some people are really gullable and are usually idiots therefore they believe it so they pass it on.

Others are wise to the bullshit and ignore them.

They are really annoying, I usually get like 57866476756 emails per day and like 3 are actual emails.
What a chain mail usually says:

"Send this to 500000000000 people in the next 1.123 seconds or the ghost of your long lost uncle will rape your dog!"

by xanti - chavx May 12, 2007
ewww, the most disgusting thing you could ever become.

Chavs are scum, they pick on people who don't follow their trend of:

girls -
+ tracksuit.
+ fake gold necklaces, earrings and other jewellry.
+ fake brand name clothing.
+ low cut tops (shows way too much).
+ 5 inches of make-up at least. (underneath it all they are ugly)
Boys -
+ tracksuit
+ fake brand names
+ wears chunky bracelets

Facts about chavs:

- They are usually found near a bus stop, or on a park.
- McDonalds is their palace.
- Usually thick as a plank.
- Spits every 5 seconds.
- Never a virgin past the age of 13.
- Chavettes refer to their friends as 'slags' or 'bitches' but will never tell eachother to their faces, or they'll deny if asked.
- Usually rasist.
- Chavs like the chavettes because they are whores and are easy.
- Always fighing.
- Drinking cider or some other cheap version of booze on friday nights.
- Smokes.
- Listens to 'MC music' a squeakier version of the crazy frog.
- Say their tough and hard, but when you want to fight back it's all "I'm gonna get my cousin"
- Nobody likes them, but they have to stay friends with them because they'll get their inter-bredded family to beat you up.

In all chavs probably the most hated thing in britain.

***save the UK, kill a chav***
Typical chav conversation:
<chav1> init
<chav2> ya startin'?
<chav1> init
<chav2> ya startin'?
<chav1> init
<chav2> ya startin'?
<chav1> init
<chav2> ya startin'?
<chav1> init
<chav2> ya startin'
by xanti - chavx May 11, 2007

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