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1 definition by xaniel

A provincial university full of uppity attitudes, racism, gender- and nationality-based discrimination and dull, suffocating conformism. If you take a stroll around campus any day, you'll see the armies of drones, one like another, dressed in Arbercrombie like in uniform, even their faces and eye expression are that of robots.

The university demands students to report each other on "academic cheating", which includes reporting your buddies collaborating on homework--they were pushing it on students via university website. Everywhere on campus, you feel the eye of the Big Brother on you--well everything is very orderly and peaceful...like in a grave, sort of... God forbids you dress or look alternatively or exhibit human qualities. Due to isolated location and lack of social opportunities, the school has a lot of bored to death, old fart married professors seeking relations with young thing students. University of Virgina is known for shunning personal creativity; one example would be local student newspaper demanding to remove 'disgusting' exhibit of modern art, just because it's not in harmony with "classical" architecture of the university. The school is known for putting down anyone who doesn't speak perfect English and doesn't "fit in" in general, due to general local "Southern" arrogance and exclusive attitudes. The school's real motto can be summed up as: "You must fit in (in our little boring conservative provincial world) or leave".

The academic achievements that this school likes to wave around and quite average and not impressive in comparison with the average overseas university. Extremely claustrophobic atmosphere is not conductive for human creativity, apparently. But the most amazing thing is the degree of misogyny on campus--well, no wonder, this public university wasn't even admitting females up until 1970.
Professor: "Are you sure you were admitted to University of Virginia, you surely have a lot of accent?"
A-Student from California: "Yes, I'm sure"
Professor: "Really? But you don't speak any English. I doubt so."
by xaniel September 17, 2009