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2 definitions by xXhollywood

Is a person who does not listen to any particular type of music. She's not a townies, moshers, goths, trendys or anything else, she just acts like herself instead of being fake and following a crowd.
Neila has never fit a category.
by xXhollywood March 23, 2009
The girl's name Neila \ne(i)-la\ is pronounced NEE-lah. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "closing, locking". The final service on Yom Kippur is called Neila. Also a feminine form of Neil.

Neila has 3 variant forms: Neelie, Neely and Neilla.

For more information, see also the related name Neala.

Baby names that sound like Neila are Nella, Nela, Naila, Neile, Nila and Neola.

Neila is a very rare female first name and a very rare surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census).
Do you know that girl Neila?
by xXhollywood March 23, 2009