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1.(adj.) An epic mixup or mistake that is completly rediculous broght forth from a very simple situation that could have very easily been avoided; a cluster-fuck.

2. (n.) An BIG orgy consisting of only the 2009 graduating class form Port Allen High School, but only the good looking chicks.
1.Man, how did you get busted for weed while masturbating in your moms bathroom? You left the door unlocked.. What a trafucktum!

John:(asking question to all) You guys going to that trafucktum tonight? I hear its gonna be a good one...
(all responding)
Collie: Yeah man, its just us seniors now...
Nick: I dont know bruh, maybe man...
Lee: can i bring the camera?
Cody: Get in there TONE!
Bizzette: Can i bring the weed?
Donovan: nah, its cool... Im sticking with kayla...
Potter: I can get laid?!?!
A-Bear: This cannot end well at all...
James: Yes it can...
John: Yeah, you gotta wrap it before you tap it... and before they get fat and start to look like their parents...
by www.myspace.com/sonygod October 15, 2008
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