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The Community College of Allegheny County. Based near Pittsburgh, PA. A college that charges ridiculous amounts for books, the teachers have no idea how to teach, and most importantly a waste of time and money.

Commonly Pronounced 'Kak'
p1: Hey Man...where are you going to school in the fall?

p2: Uh, C.C.A.C.

p1: Oh...that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that.
by www.myspace.com/joshkoenig20 December 11, 2005
Making a u-turn on a tight street in three total turns.
While driving, and missing the spot you wanted...make a 3 point turn.

Forward turn, reverse and turn, forward turn to straight.

You now completed a 3 point turn
by www.myspace.com/joshkoenig20 December 10, 2005

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