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A rough area just outside wolverhampton city centre has a few problems with gang knife and drug crime theres even been a few shootings evry now and again. The genral population of residents are jamacian and iandian who migrated ther in the 50s and 60s. The main gang in whitmoreans is the reans crew whos rivals are UDC from heathtown and the park village crew
Whitmoreans gangster: oi blad theres 1 of does heathtown manz shank.
#udc #knife #gangsters #wolverhampton #drugs
by wvalltheway July 09, 2009
Area in wolverhampton has a fair bit of gang crime mainly from the UDC (demoltion crew) Heath town mainly has coucil flats and around 15 high rise flats ranging from 4-22stories high it also has a hospital and asmall shops a cinima and plaenty of fast food restaraunts nearby.
Heath town kid: Yo blud lets go up reans and start a fight
#knife #yardie #hospital #flats #gang
by wvalltheway July 09, 2009
Street racing is an illegal pastime that young people do today orignally started in japan and the USA street racing is an international hobbie of alot of people aged in there late teens to there early 20s, although despite its growing popularity its still illegal. These races normally take part in epmty car parks motorways and long strips of road. Around the world people spent ver $20billion customisng and modifing there vechlies which include body kits ims spoilers engine parts turbos brakes intercoolers an sound systems before taking there car on the street most cars that take part are either amrican muscle or the japanese import cars
street race guy in Ford fiesta yo lets race that guy in the mustang

Guys freind are you fucking crazy he'll murk you

Street race guy yh probly but it would be fun
#nos #turbo #engine #pinnerz #utomobile
by wvalltheway July 09, 2009
President of germany 1938-1945 A very viscious racist man. Leader of the nazi party which killed and torchered millions of innocent people. Dissapeared after germany lost WW2.
News reperter Adolf Hitler has now inaveded poland
#world war two #nazi #mein kampf #war #navy
by wvalltheway July 10, 2009
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