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there are many posers and preppy girls who wear juicy couture sweatshirts and tight jeans and stuff the bras which they can't even fill out. These preppy girls often post on their facebook statuses "zoooooted" or "outtt too q loungeee tonighhht w/ the girlss" and tyyyppee liiiike thiiis. they are little ass fuckers that take sluty facebook pictures with tight sweats that show off their ass and tank tops to try and make their boobs look bigger, sure they're fucking hot and any guy would like to fuck them but their idiots. they most likely dye their hair a different color in the back and the preppy girls- scratch that EVERY girl has at least 1 pair of uggs. they always get hugs from guys who always touch their flat stomach and try to go lower on their flat asses. and most likely try to touch their boobs and then the girls make a big deal out of it but seriously their double a cups. the staff can suck it everyone is a bitch !
you try to dull your senses and try to filter out what every dumbass is saying about whoever. most likely preps go clubbing- in teen clubs and think theyre cool bc of it, but its pretty fucking gay- nathan lane gay. you might like those catfights and those rumers spread around and you might hate watching that hot guy get that hot girl, but sure sure there might be somewhere deep down inside you, deep deep down- at the bottom of your foot- you gotta love high school.

But seriously get a grip high school is a

UGH high school sucks hugh heffners dick.
by wtffffffffffff? a nago suck it December 06, 2009

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