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-n. Dumb b!tch. Attention whore-drama-queen who uses IRC to bitch and moan about her personal life and her "issues". Runs fansub groups into the ground.

"Stop your bitching, you Quigoni!"
by Wouldnt you like to know April 27, 2003
a guy who tweaks that isnt a speed addict
hey that guy chase is a tweeeker
by wouldnt you like to know March 18, 2005
a hard core stoner, who seems to find it impossible not to stand more than 3 inches away from you when in a conversation and is unable to play the bass when actuually connected to an amp.
Pheeleep: i hate john doe, its a crap name for a band.
person 1:you came up with it you turd.
person 2:go and get stoned you bloody brown nosed druggy.
pheeleep: come on dan lets go!
(pheeleep is hit with baseball bat round head)
by wouldnt you like to know June 22, 2004
A homosexual male with frequent tendencies to sit and rotate, on top of another homosexual male of course.
Dave is not a butt slut, he has only slept with 4 guys in a month. Thats not bad!!!
by Wouldnt You Like To Know November 13, 2002
the guy that works at the raceway in livingston...he wears a turbin under his hat!
"holy crap Patchez, i saw bajwa at raceway again today!"
by wouldnt you like to know September 01, 2004
one of the gayest things in the world,
it is a sport made for people who arent coordinated enough to skateboard
damn, look at those froot booters
by wouldnt you like to know December 29, 2003

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