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also known as a hummer, is when a girl puts your balls in her mnouth and hums her favorite tune.
your girlfriend gave me an H2 last night
by wouldn't u like to know November 28, 2003
what a drunk person say to the popowheen they are drunk
is there a problem copocifer
by wouldn't u like to know November 28, 2003
and idiotic english term that states you can't say he will do something. u mo'fuckers must say he is doing something b/c english is the most fucked up language in the fucking world mother fuckers
he is dumb-good
he will be dumb-bad b/c its passive voice
by wouldn't u like to know March 22, 2005
Something well..kickasscool
Kickass person: Blink are pretty kickass.
Lame gayass: No they suck.
Kickass person:*punch* I said Blink are kickass.
Lame gayass: Godda aaaa....ok..ok..they're kickass..
by Wouldn't u like to know January 24, 2005

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