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An incredibly annoying show on cartoon network where the protagonist, 10 year old, Ben Tennison, finds an alien wristwatch that attaches itself to his wrist and uses it to battle alien tyranny with his Uncle Max and cousin, Gwen. This cartoon also features an extremely catchy theme song that most likely is used to hypnotize most people into watching the show. If you don't like this show and come across it while channel flipping or watching Cartoon Network you will most likely sing along with the themesong, stare blankly at the television during the entire episode, and then ask yourself: "Wait...Why the hell am I watching this?!?" during the either the credits or last bit of dialogue.
Bob: "Hey, did you see Ben 10 last night? Ben finally got a new alien hero!" :D
Fred: "I don't watch that shit!! But, yes, i did see it and the "alien hero" was dumb as hell."
Bob: :(
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by wootwootpie :D May 21, 2009
An incredibly awesome book by Kate Dicamillo that tells the separate stories of Desperaux Tilling, a tiny mouse shunned by the rest of his kind, Chiaroscuro(Aka. Roscuro), a once light-loving rat whose heart was broken years ago, and Mig, a poor servant girl whose father sold her for a couple of cigarettes, a red tablecloth, and a hen. In the last section of the book the characters come together during Roscuro's plot to kidnap the princess and... that's all I'm saying for the sake of not ruining the ending(sorry :D). This beautiful story is at least five times better (and deeper) than that shit they call The Tale of Desperaux movie (friendship?! WTF?).

If you haven't read it then you should! Though...I wouldn't really suggest it if you're over a certain age(i.e. 16 and up shouldn't read it in public or at all if you're used to more challenging books) because of the simplicity of reading it(though not extremely simple).
Bob: "Duuuuuuuuuddddddee! What's up with your face?! You look like you just saw a puppy getting raped by Barnie!"(WTF)
Fred: "No. Worse. I just saw....the Tale of Desperaux Movie!!! DX"
#the tale of desperaux #awesome #sucky movie #desperaux tilling #kate dicamillo #desperuax #despero #roscuro #mig #cate #dikamillo #dicamilo #dikamilo
by wootwootpie :D May 25, 2009
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