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a sad little cuddle fish who dreams about being a real girl. she fist herself day in and day out while taking it up the butt from the annoying little rat thing that jabba the hut keeps with him all the time. when she is done lapping up all the cuddle juice she rapes spider monkeys and spreads new strands of lethal RNA viruses across the globe. AIDS is the result of coryn and amanda maloney sucking up a pearl necklace they left on a dead spider monkey's tits with a turkey baster and injecting it into the bloodstream of a 9 year old african boy who they kidnapped...and raped vigorously. Because she is so angry at the world she made a sad attempt to write an offensive definition of me on urbandictionary.com, but me being the more offensive and twisted individual, shit all over her face and jizzed all up her cuddle fish nostrils.
coryn and amanda maloney aborted Jesus the second time he came around and drank his fetus through a bendy straw from friendly's.
by woodland mothafuckin' critters November 23, 2007

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