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said to be the best console in the world because of the games that are totaly awesome example far cry, halo 1&2 and counter strike, but the real question to many gamers is what console is better the XBOX or its rival the PS2 the crowd between the 2 consoles is split and there is endless debates about which one is better but do not be dicoraged to buy a console your not sure about just buy the one you want because there will always be people telling telling you not buy the xbox and buy a ps2 and the other way around but its best not to listen because almost all gamers are big-headed and think there console is the best when in the longview the 2 consoles are quite equal to each other in there own ways
the xbox and ps2 debate goes like this
kid1:the xbox owns
kid2:ps2 is better
kid1:no way
kid2:yes way
so on and so forth
by wonder of the monkeys March 12, 2006
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