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Okay Guys, Dont Listen To The Other People. The following statements are 100% true:

-You DONT have to spend money
-There are PLENTY of people without furni, nobody pressures you!
-They need the cash to maintain the websites, its in 15 different countries! If they were rich, habbo would NOT be filled with ads.
-Habbo is a pretty good social expreince. You can learn how to prevent ideantity theft, learn about how if you get caught doing something wrong it can get you in to trouble, and it even helps you learn there are bad people in the world.
-Habbo is MODERATED THE BEST it can be.
Its not the moderators fault if idiots like you dont report the people who are causing the problems, its yours!
If someone is having ''it'' then its YOUR duty to report it. The ''Mods'' dont know something is wrong, unless you TELL THEM!
-Habbo hotel is a great place to make new friends from different places. You can even keep in touch with far away friends/cousins/other family members.
-The only reason people bash habbo is becuase you ''have to buy furni'' but YOU DONT.
Jenny: Hey lets go eat some virtual pizza!
Josh: Okay lets go!
-at the pizza place-
Jenny: This is great!
Josh: Habbo Hotel is fun! Try it!

HABBO - A new world! - www.habbohotel.com
(go to sulake.com to find one for YOUR country)
by woky November 23, 2005

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