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act like a fool; acting like a fool

Some lowlife who knocks on peoples door during late night because he has no friends.And acts like a close friend even though he was ignored everytime and told to f*ck off.
JH:Hey.I got sometin to talk to ya *Knocks on my backdoor, because he doesnt have the guts to knock on my front door*
ME:Stop ALAF biatch!Get a life!
JH:You have to stop hiding at home and talk to me bout your problem...*ALAFing*
JH:Hey you need to confide in me. I can help you*continues ALAFing*

ALAFs usually r gays n lowlifes that stick to you because you can help them solve their problems .They become so dependent on you that they cant live without you.
Worst thing is they are under the illusion that you need them as well. Thats y thay are acting like a fool.
by wisedom January 24, 2008

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