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4 definitions by wing dings

An advanced term for a general n00b, or a n00b who uses noob saibot in mortal kombat by repeatedly using his warp throw where he jumps out the top of the screen. n00b tactics
(noob saibot n00bs out the top of the screen)
noob saibot: b00m headshot what a fricken n00b
scorpion: ZOMG n00b saib0t!!!!!111

by wing dings March 30, 2008
26 9
The name for the dark side of the force stated by crazed nun Refrigerator Perry on Trading Spouses. She was attempting to use the powers of the dork sade to expel the Fox camera crew from her home, in which the sanctity of the Lord had been disturbed.
Emperor Palpatine: Use the force Luke. Use the dork sade of the force.
by wing dings March 31, 2008
12 1
A mass pwntage of n00bs. Often used in FPS to describe killing a large team of camping nubs with a grenade or air strike. To exterminate all noobs.
Alternate meaning: to kill a large group of enemies using n00b tactics such as a n00b tube.
player 1: ZOMG did u c that 1337 skillZ?
player 2: total noobocide is happening in this area
by wing dings March 30, 2008
16 5
a nerd who is also a n00b. also called a narb
b00m headshot what a fricken norg
by wing dings March 30, 2008
11 4