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To preemptively verbally coax a would be attacker into showing his strengths and weakness, defining the differences and center of the verbal confrontation and then attacking the center full force whilst protecting your own with the hand of Buddha. Often combining the would be attackers verbal assault into your own all preemptively, internally, emotionally , and then destroying the attacker without saying a single word.

When under pressure often combined with talking with the hand ask the hand street slang, and sometimes the deadly spitting cobra when one may spit in the face at any such challengers.
dont mess with that snake he wing verbal wing chun you

I will beat the hell out of you, what with , boxing ? (verbal wing chun basic counter attack)

You have a problem with my verbal wing chun style, whats your style?

So you learned what verbal style ? pah i learned that as a kid

stay over there and i will verbal wing chun you, come over here and get the real thing !

here hold by arm if you dont like what i have to say
by wing chun 2000+ May 08, 2011

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