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Either the second or third "blackest" school in harford county...if there is such a thing; going interchangably with hardest. Prior to the building of the gay-ass suburbs, this school was filled with working-class down to earth whites and blacks and hispanics. Now preppy bulle rock kids are being thrown into the melting pot, and seeing as anyone with an income of less than $60,000 (probably 90% of the school) pretty much skips school anyway or deals drugs outside the shcool to people going in, the high school is the only place in downtown havre de grace you will find preppy people. Located in the heart of historical HdG, the school has got to be the most ghetto example of a harford county school the world has seen. Edgewood and Aberdeen are both schools with tough kids, but the buildings there are extremely nice and well-maintained,and arent located within 2 blocks of housing projects.This place can get crazy at times;with things including gang-related fights/threats,bomb threats,and heated basketball games daily.It is not uncommon to find knives,needles,and used condoms outside.There is a strong mix of culture here.Very few people are racist or rich. It is mainly lower and lower-middle class.
The ratio would be uhhh lets sayyy...
Rich Preppy Faggots-1
Normal People-1

and havre de grace high school is way safer than the middle school..ha ha, imagine that..
by wilson st resident May 16, 2008

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