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hair metal was thought to be started by LA band motley crue and took tis influence from punk bands such as new york dolls, mott the hoople and english bands liek the sweet and t rex that were already calassifed as Glam rock bands such as motley crue made it heavier n made their image and muysic darker e.g. shout at the devil.Hair metal was/ is a style of music that concentrated on having a good time sec drugs and rock roll, as time wen ton bands faded away apart of afew e.g. motley crue who have over time matured into songs like if i die tomorrow and sick love song.
Hair metal was critised for not having emotion, there is usally alot of meaning behind the songs of hair metal for example. home sweet home, on with the show by motley crue had meaning behind it and were comerically succesful they were anthems.hair metal was rock n roll sex n drugs it was teenage rebellion it was everything parents feared. if anything it shoudl come back the leather the hair the chants the world needs the crue the world needs the hair the metal and the emos need to go crawl in a cave n sleep for eternity.
hair metal bands include motley crue, skid row, cinderella, pison, ratt, W.A.S.P, LA guns,
by will thunders November 19, 2006

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