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You are having a truely terrific day. This means that you are thuggin it, like one of the truest O.G's in the thug nation. Miller represents Wu tang clan, Players, Pimps, All OG's, thugs, G- Unit, and the greatest of all PDBTPTC.
My new outfit is Millericous. Ya'll know I be the truest of Thugs.
by Will the thrill March 26, 2004
A word meaning you play video games too much and are proud of it.
John is a glairy he plays Metroid Prime 2 too much, and Runescape.
by Will the Thrill February 06, 2005
A girl who gives a lot, or good amount of, hand jobs to various guys.
Dude, that chick over there is a forearm girls. She was wanking Johnny last night, and this morning she was doing Frank's.
by will the thrill February 03, 2005
1. Another way of saying "own" in a dominant way.

2. Showing someone up in a conversation, kind of like getting "served."
1. Yo Eli, we pajoned them in b-ball the other day.

2. Jackson: Who do ya'll think is the fattest biddy in this here school?
Rakim: Yo mama!
Brian: Oh pajoned!
by will the thrill March 06, 2005
Park. Du. Bois. Trailer. Park. Trash. Crew. These are one of the toughest gangs around. They own the east coast. Thugs for life, they roll together. Dont mess with these boys.
Tony got popped by PDBTPTC.
by Will the thrill March 26, 2004

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