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Someone who attends AA for the soul purpose of getting laid.

Someone who has a lot of time in AA who sexually prays on newcomers.
That hot newcomer chick is gonna get trolled by that pervy 13 stepper.

That cougar is a 13 stepper, praying on freshly sober young dudes.
by wikkdkitty September 02, 2007
something you dont EVER want to touch, especially with your willy.
Stay away from that trick! It has herpa-hepa-syphil-aids, not to mention scabs all over!
by wikkdkitty January 25, 2009
the long and usually soggy, hanging lips of a houndtype dog. also known as chops or canine niggerlips.
whatch out for Bruno, he'll drown you with his slobbery burgers.
by wikkdkitty January 25, 2009
that stands for:
I dont know why you waste your time trying to explain anything to that C.U.N.T. Its a waste of your time, they Cant Understand Normal Thinking.
by wikkdkitty January 25, 2009
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