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scene kids are teenagers who are trying to be different or unique. Some scene kids are truly...cool. but MOST scene kids are obsessed with themselves. Constantly dying their hair, buying The Adventures of Flapjack shirts from HotTopic, wearing children backpacks, taking pictures of themselves, seeing how tight their jeans can get, twittering and myspacing how much they cut themselves everyday, looking up random bands they've just heard of and saying that their in love with them, seeing how tight and colorful their jeans can get, drawing dinosaurs on stuff, loading on unattractive make-up and touching peoples faces. Not to be confused with indies. Indies happen to be very original, and Scene Kids are just posers. Indies don't try to get attention. Indies don't buy ripped pants, they just happen to rip when they're rocking out in their own band. Scene Kids are just wanting attention...I think some of them really are inside "Scene" but most are just being someone they arn't because they want people to notice them...I think it's sad. REMEMBER: HYPERACTIVE=UNATRACTIVE
"Wow, did you see Leandra? She used to be different...now shes messed up and she calls herself 'Spiderwebs'! haha...what a freak scene kids..."
by whydoesitmatteranyways December 24, 2009

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