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My understanding of the definition "guys night out" is lying to your/wife girlfriend about a trip to Las Vegas, going clubbing in your 30's with male friends, spending time at a topless swiming pool and spending lots of money on gambeling, alcohol and strip clubs. Oh~ and part of going this route of guys' night out is making sure that other friends and family members are "in on it" so esentially having them lie for the boyfriend/husband as well. Last thing, sharing a king-size bed with your BFF is also part of the guys' night out have a good time thing.
Hey honey, my friend just got great seats at a Vegas boxing event and the hotel is paying for everything (when infact there never was any boxing event)and other than that we will just have a guys' night out you have nothing to worry about, and I love you and miss you.
by why vegas July 10, 2008

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