1 definition by whoregirl

Hillbilly heroin as I call it.And I love it.I take it when I go out with my friends so I dont end up drinking.No hangovers and I can socialize freely w/ out feeling like a wallflower.No one ever knows they just think I'm happy but really I'm flying like a frickin' kite.Lost my sex-drive though,shit who cares I'm in love with vic!Seeing Dr. tomorrow and she'll probally take me off it,I'm sad we will be breaking up,but it's for the best I guess.Meanwhile,I'll still be checking peoples medicine cabinets,they always have good shit lingering around,what the hell is wrong with them,unfinished vicodin or oxy's,thank you I'll be taking the last of that!
Irritating co-workers,stupid people,everyday stress,pop a couple vicodins and everythings sweet!Feels like a rush and everyones your friend.Can get irrtable and edgy though
by whoregirl March 04, 2009

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