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Where the half-witted post teenage pregnancy "managers" tell everyone what to do, because their lives revolve around 2 minutes.
I need a whopper cheese for the window right away!!!111, I'm a "cook" and I see shit all from hurrying so I'm gonna cook even slower.
by whopper boy December 10, 2004
The stuff that fat people will bitch about if its not made correctly. Most of the employees are underpaid teenages who dont give a shit about you or your order (even though they seem like they do.)
Hey you got my order wrong, Im missing a medium fries. We all know your really not, your just trying to screw our company. Good job asswipe, people make mistakes. Calm down and go for a run, fatass.
by whopper boy December 11, 2004
Either it looks like shit rubbed onto your upper lip, our your a very "large and in charge" woman with what looks like the rat-stache of a 12 year old boy.
The managers at Burger King
by whopper boy December 11, 2004

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