10 definitions by whootywrangler

Male semen that is forcefully ejaculated on a female's booty while engaging in sexual activity.
Dude, dat girl was great in bed....when I left her house she had my booty skeet all over dat ass.
by whootywrangler September 11, 2012
A combination of being crunk on alcohol and high on weed or other recreational drugs at the same time.
Peep 1: Dude are you going to the party tonight?
Peep 2: Hell yeah, I'm going to drink and smoke my ass off...going to get my crunkigh on!
by whootywrangler May 23, 2012
The act of eating and masturbating at the same time.
Peep 1: I am so hungry and horny
Peep 2: Why don't you knock out both problems by eating a sammich and jerking off
Peep 1: That is genius!..I should mealsturbate everyday!
by whootywrangler March 11, 2014

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