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A so called "divine" being who is evidently responsible for some of the worst human tragedies, disasters and murders conceivable. He created an impossible set of guidelines that will damn 90% of the human population to an eternity to hell, yet he is a compassionate God.
Moses and the Ten Commandments:

"WTF... how am I supposed to follow these rules and avoid eternal damnation?!?

by who is john galt? July 22, 2009
Mamar= suck


Literally "cocksucker"

A "mamabicho" is a Puerto Rican insult that can be used to describe a guy who acts femininely or outright gay. It is also used to describe call-boys/ male-prostitutes.
Ese tipo "Harry Potter" se ve como un mamabicho.

That guy "Harry Potter" looks like a cocksucker.
by who is john galt? July 22, 2009
A stereotypical label a group of intellectually depraved peers often maintain on select examples of promising, brilliant individuals too busy with academic and scholastic endeavors to indulge in the superficial trivialities of seeking social approval or popularity.

As such, the group of good-for-nothing trash provide themselves with a crude rationalization of their position in the social strata.
Dumb shit 1:"Hey look, it's that one nerd we knew back in college."

Dumb shit 2: "Oh, wait. That guy is a fucking millionaire..."

Dumb shit 1: *Genuine surprise* "Oh, shit!"
by who is john galt? July 22, 2009

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