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The place that will give your old, poor grandma a heart-attack after reading the comments.
"Lets see what they said about my video..."

this is the least funniest of all...

| Grammar fail

y the fuk is this guy so famouos anyone can do this

i never listem a song lik this shit

did he die?

actually i write better songs all the time and who would want to sing like that??

163 millions fot this shit?

Please get off the internets forever all who support this video... Let the hate mail start comin to me... Come on people prove my point that only stupid people will stick up for this video

people with the name Olliver are gay.

also: i like cock up my ass and i love eating goldfish.
ps: u r gay

epic fail

fake and gay

this is shit

im srry but, this vid is suckish i mean it tottally sukz ballz

These were all real comments from YouTube
by who did you think it was February 25, 2010
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