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1) an ugly girl that a male either befriends or courts romantically to increase his chances of scoring with her hot friend.

2) an inattractive person that is used to help attractive people score.
this girl i am seeing right now is a step stool. I really want to score with her hot best friend.
by Whiteknight January 17, 2004
pikeys/gypsies= scum sub-human race who try to infect our pure clean blood.
pikeys are the sub-human race of our time and are just lowlife scum who destroy lifes and familys i should know they tried it with us. i hate them so much pity hitler didnt win the war then they wouldent be here at all think about that no gyps hahaha what a world.. when the 4th reich is born they will go down
hail brothers. not to long now
by whiteknight August 08, 2004
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