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Islam: A satanic, blatantly evil, male supremacist cult, comprised of an imaginatively constructed socio-cultural paradigm; whose apophenic members modify their lifestyle according to a long dead shaman ancestor’s view of the world.
The primary purpose of Islam is to force males to be delusional and to enslave and degrade females.

Islam has two major and irreconcilably opposed divisions:

a) Shi’ite’s who devote their lives to Allah, the prophet and the Koran.

b) Sunni’s who devote their lives to Allah, the prophet and the Koran.

which is seen by both types as grounds for total hatred of the other.

For Muslim’s Friday is a special day when they can spuriously riot about imagined insults to Islam and burn flags of western nations.

Part of a Muslim’s remaining waking hours are spent examining vegetables etc, in their search for pareidolia expressing koranic verses.

Historically Islam gave nothing to the world; along with the other nine Arabic (actually Vedic) numerals.

Islam falsely claims that ‘god’ is more important than humanity, whereas in reality nothing is more important.
The imam called for the death penalty for the catoonists who insulted Islam, and 50 muslims died in the street riots that followed

'Freedom go to hell' shouted the follower of Islam locked up in prison
by white squirrel November 07, 2010

A person whose wisdom is based on irrationally following one or more 'holy' books, and derivative concepts such as creationism.
Someone having a negative IQ
'The god botherers were around again earlier, like total biblewits'
by white squirrel October 08, 2011

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