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When someone who has soft hands has one or both hurt during, but not limited, one of the following activities; doing a keg stand for so long your hand begins to deteriorate, after doing a louisville chugger you fall and land on your hand, you are partying at a club and start fist pumping so hard you hit the chandelier and break some glass, and/or you sleep on D’s couch after a night of partying and you wake up to hydrate but you forget the beer on the floor and you slip and land on your hand.
Q: Dude, crazy party last night, let's do it again. I went to refill the keg while you slept. Can you help me bring in the keg?

A: Dude, remember when I jumped off the roof last night, trying to dive into the pull, well as I dove in i hit that chair someone had thrown in earlier, so now I have an AC hand. I can't help you, get swayze to help you.

R: Dude, you know that you're the one that through the chair into the pool before the party started right?

A: Oh yeah, I forgot. So this AC Hand is my own doing apparently, NOT, Got HEEM!!!
by where is my cytomax September 17, 2012

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