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In my opinion, the best game ever. sure, its not as exciting as having a horde of zombies run and attack you like in l4d2, but it has good graphics, good gameplay, really superb storyline, and really good AI and whatnot. many mods were created off of this game such as garrysmod and half life:riot act. most people compare it to halo 2 because they think that because they dont own one of them makes the one they do own the best. half life 2 also has a online deathmatch, called half life 2 deathmatch. the game starts off with the main charecter, gorden freeman, waking on a bus. he then goes around kicking things asses and then takes a stunstick to the face, then leading to him and alyx vance meeting. and then, to sum it up, a ton of storyline and shooting at aliens. im not going to tell you because you should have or be planning to own this game.
person one: did you get half life 2 yet?
person two: no.
gorden freeman: *proceeds to kick person two's ass.*
by whatsfordinner63 October 26, 2010

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