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Truthfully, Marlborough girls are just as smart as Marymount girls, almost as athletic in certain sports, and both schools are equally academically challenging. The difference is that Marymount girls are all of those things and completely gorgeous, and Malborough girls arn't too attractive. I think every Marlborough girl would agree, even though they would never admit it.


Marymount won against Marlborough in 2007 soccer.

Maymount has been undefeated against Malborough since 2001 in the Volleyball State Championships.


Marymount girls have just as much work as Marlborough girls, but somehow are able to go out on weekends and still get to Brown, USC, Berkely...

So, for every other post on her that implies Marymount is an easy school and the girls dont know anything, thats the biggest lie I have ever heard. Why dont you try haveing a min of staying up until 12:30 everynight sophmore year.


Well there isn't really anything I can say about this because we all know Marlboroughs girls looks dont even compare to the average Marymount girl.

By the way, Marlborough girls feel like,] they have to dumb down Marymount girls because a Marymount girl is everything (but better) than a Marlborough girl but is actually good looking, not to mention gorgeous.

#marymount has been undefeated against marlborough since 2001 in the volleyball state championships #marymount girls can party and get into berkely unlike the marlborough girl #a marymount girl is everything that a marlborough girl is but is actually good looking #marymount is better than marlborough #ew marlborough
by what is my name hmmmm November 29, 2007
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