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A small pistol that can easily be concealed in night clubs and bars.
Thug 1: "Yo dogg that little wannabe is gonna be at da club tonight. You best grab your club snub."

Thug 2: "Oh fo sho doggy, best know it'll be up in my pants tonight."
by westfalia December 15, 2009
An alternate term for going down on a girl. Most commonly used when talking to others in a public place.
Duder 1: "I can't believe you took that fat girl home last night? Did you preheat the oven?"

Duder 2: "Oh you know it dude. It was sweet like honey."

Duder 1: "Wow man that's so dope."
by westfalia December 11, 2009
A person that eagerly tries to get the ball rolling on your house warming party. House warming activists are very tenacious and often ask you 'when is your house warming party?' every day.
Duder 1: "Dude you moved in like 2 days ago! He's already asking you about that?"

Duder 2: "Yea dude I see him every day at lunch and the first thing he says is 'When's your house warming?'."

Duder 1: "Damn son! You got yourself a house warming activist right there."
by westfalia March 05, 2010
When you very nearly get away from something or someone that would have killed you.
Chica: "My brother heard this loud bomb last night outside our house so he grabbed his shotgun and started down the driveway to see who it was."

Duder 1: "Are you serious? Oh my God! That was us. It was a pop bottle bomb. We were just messing with you."

Duder 2: "Holy shit dude would he have shot us?"

Duder 1: "Probably! That was one hell of a death escape."
by westfalia January 20, 2010
When you barely get away from getting your ass kicked by a homeless person.
Duder 1: "Hey broke ass! What you gonna do? Nice ratty ass wife beater. Go beg for change son!"

Duder 2: "Holy shit dude he's coming right for you. We can't get away dude, I'm pumping gas."

Homeless Dude: "What the fuck did you say man? I'll kick your ass."

Duder 1: "Me? Nothing man. I'd never talk shit to you. I didn't say anything dude."

Duder 2: "Holy shit that homeless guy was ripped. He would have beat the shit out of you. Nice homeless beat down escape though."

Duder 1: "Fuck dude why did you stop for gas? I almost died. And you would have just laughed you dickety!"
by westfalia January 19, 2010
The look a guy gets on his face while masturbating. Most males get a jerk smirk on their face because of the uncontrollable pleasure they are feeling. A jerk smirk can last for several minutes after a guy ejaculates.
Duder 1: "Hurry up in there dude, I gotta trim my bush."

Duder 2: (comes out of bathroom) "Sorry dude, it's all yours."

Duder 1: "What the hell is that jerk smirk on your face for? Awww dude if I step on any of your nasty ass cum..."
by westfalia December 29, 2009
A guy that checks out another guy's package (dick and balls) to see how they stack up against his own. Package peaking most commonly takes place in gym locker rooms and public restrooms.
Duder 1: "What the fuck? Did you just look at my dick man?"

Duder 2: "No way, I ain't a package peaker dude."

Duder 1: "Yes you did! After I finish shaking my dick off, I'm gonna kick your ass."
by westfalia December 29, 2009
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