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Chaldeans are Catholics from Iraq. There are thousands of chaldeans in metro-detroit area (west bloomfield=little baghdad), san diego, sweden, and denmark.

Chaldeans are honest hard-working people who have fled Iraq due to war and persecution against christians. Family means the world to us and we are a very tight-knit community.

All the white trash LOVE to hate on us.

They think its funny when they call us camels or sand n******. Chaldeans have too much respect for themselves to go starting a fight with someone like that.

Here are some common stereotypes about us:

"all chaldeans own liquor stores or gas stations" in iraq chaldeans had dream jobs like professors at universities, lawyers, doctors...but when they came to america any degrees/lisences were no longer valid. Chaldeans left home with little money, so liquor stores seemed like the way to go!

"chaldeans marry cousins" chaldeans marry cousins (rarely) so they can bring relatives to america who are stuck back home without the right paperwork.

Chaldeans refer to other chaldeans as "cuz" as a joke.
We have tons of real cousins.

Being invited to a chaldeans home means that they consider you to be very close to them.

We love showing other people our culture.

We always feel the need to overfeed guests, but our food is frickin awesome anyways!

Dont listen to what the haters have to say. Get to know us yourselves. We are fun, friendly and you can never not have a great time when you're with a chaldean.
by westbloomfield chaldo July 25, 2012

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