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3 definitions by wert loki

a drink a guy gives to his date at the prom, mixed with a rufie or another incapacitating goody, in order to get up that expensive dress. Called so because it is usually a punch-like drink and it packs a serious "punch."
Hey, baby I'll be back in a minute with that prom punch.
by wert loki March 08, 2008
To elicit a premature orgasm by snuggling with the lubrication of body fluids such as precum
Bert is a good snawggler.
by wert loki February 29, 2008
When you put a joint in the ass of your partner, and then you suck the smoke out through their mouth.
They end up getting a full-body high.
Your mom's into some freaky shit. She wanted to get high, but only if she could bloozle me.
by wert loki February 29, 2008