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A drag queen trapped in a biological woman's body or a female female impersonator. A faux queen is a gender bending illusionist that looks, dresses, acts and performs as a traditional drag queen which is man that dresses as a woman for entertainment purposes. Faux queens tend to adopt the more campy style of drag since it is easier to disguise their gender and exaggerate their look with over-the-top make up, big wigs and colorful drag attire. She is naturally fabulous and has a fierce personality.

Faux queens have been performing regularly in the drag scene along with the traditional male drag queens for a long time, especially at the infamous and popular drag show Trannyshack in San Francisco. The Klubstitute Kollective, also in San Francisco, held the first ever faux queen pageant in 1996 and had one annually until 2005 with more and more 'genetically challenged' drag queen contestants entering every year.

Recently, a new surge of faux queens and faux queen pageants have been popping up around the country. RuPaul's latest show 'RuPaul's Drag U' have contestants that are biological women be trained and transformed to become drag queens by previous 'RuPaul's Drag Race' drag queen contestants as their mentors and professors.

Although they do not physically have them, a faux queen needs to have a big set of balls to be successful and accepted.
Drag Hag #1: "OMG! Holy McGrail is one fierce faux queen! I was at a drag show and she slipped a cob of buttered corn in her vagina and popcorn flew out of her bra and out of her wig."

Drag Hag #2: "Wait that's nothing, I was there at Trannyshack when Holy McGrail did her legendary '$12 Lion King Production' performance. OMG that number had everyone peeing thier panties"

Drag Hag #1: "Faux queens are awesome...well, the ones that know how to really werk it out just as hard and fierce as a drag queen."

Drag Hag #2: "Yeah some of these new 'so-called faux queens' are kinda tragic and don't even have a clue to the art of drag. Most of them are just playing dress up."
by werkmebytch October 23, 2011

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