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1 definition by we're cooler than you fag

i disagree with the previous postings on the snob mob... i think they are the most respectable group of girls at oakton. the only reason people think bad things about them is because they're just jealous that they cant even hang out with them much less get ass from them. maybe they would hang out with you if you werent so gay.. last time i checked we were all in high school and every guy at oakton acts like they never left middle school. the snob mob members are doing things with their lives... going to respectable colleges and actually having the open-mindedness to meet new people... not going to tech or jmu or trashy radford. so maybe whoever wrote the other things about SM should pull their heads out of their asses long enough to realize that the only reason they wrote those things was because they are jealous. sucks to be you.
ohs boy: slike i heard you hooked up with some guy this weekend
SM: no actually you were the one hookin up with dudes loser
ohs boy: no that was audrey
SM: same thing
by we're cooler than you fag May 07, 2005