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fat messy bitch with no self respect or tolerance for alcohol
marebearpig: do you like me????? (chews on sausage link)
everyone: NO!!! WHO INVITED YOU?!
by wayne brady18 August 14, 2008
Absolute monarchy on the outskirts of Phildelphia under the jurisdiction of the omnipotent ruler Timothy Merlini. Though a harsh and ruthless king, he represents G-Side well in the forms of getting fucked up, fucking bitches and, last but certainly not least, getting money (on the reg!). Though Glenside is a landlocked territory, its residents can be seen partying on yachts. Also home to Tommy Gunz (aka Choppa, the Chicago piano, the rap Leonidus, etc.) who has been known to snap a few necks and, subsequently, cash a few checks. See ya at Brooke muhfucka
Tiiim: YEOo!
Glensidian: (bows) Your highness! The town has gone to ruins! Plague and famine have ravished our once mighty kingdom. Our women and children have become slaves. Our men fight yet they die fighting. Hope is lost!
Tim: Yea but we can still get merked with some bitties.
T-Gunz: Yea I don't give a fuck! Glenside!
by Wayne Brady18 October 01, 2009

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