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MRA is short for Men's Rights Activist. MRAs argue that, as human beings, men should have human rights, due process in legal matters, and should not be subject to "reverse discrimination" in favor of other groups.

MRAs typically point to men's lower life expectancy in almost every country, higher rates of incarceration, more severe penalties for similar offenses, lower rates of health care spending and health research spending on men, higher suicide rates, higher rates of being subject to violence and murder including by women and when they are children, higher rates of genital mutilation, liability to conscription, higher rates of death at work, various disadvantages in divorce and child support, and higher school and college dropout rates, as reasons why men's rights should be on the agenda.

Feminists argue that we live in a patriarchal society, and therefore men have male privilege, which is invisible to them. As a result, any issues men have are insignificant and are only a result of the massive privileges men have. Thus no effort should be expended on men's issues until every women's problem is entirely resolved.
"MRAs argue that there should be a presumption of equal access to children after a divorce, on the basis that a presumption of residence with the mother is sexist and is often not in the child's best interests."
by wavegeek September 12, 2012

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