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ok then i'll say

Someone who,according to the bible, is in opposition to Christ, will spread hatred, will spread evil, and, will rule part the world....which means that someone that you say, "Your rulez!" can also apply to this definition as long as he spread hatred, and evil. It is said that these antichrists will rule the world until the second coming of Christ....

Possible antichrists, according to critics and opinions: Marilyn Manson,Hitler, etc etc...but you can find them anywhere...let's say North Korea...
Every single prophecy said in the old testament had come true...now what about the new testament...about 80% has come true...which are the flourish of atheism, antichrists, evil actions, famine, poverty, natural disasters (ozone layer, global warming...), etc etc etc. Now we shall wait for the climax...the second coming of Christ and the end of the world...apparently, it's coming soon, so buckle up!
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