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13 definitions by ward smith

What the United States gained as of 2009 January 20 following the inauguration of Barack Obama.
Thousands converge as Washington swells the clean spirit all wish to Bee Oh.
by Ward Smith January 19, 2009
Hip way to describe a 'neologism'.
Can be a verb, noun or adjective.
Greek to English: 'new' 'word'.
Hey man, what do you think of this coin here?
It's my neologo. Came up with it this morning.
by Ward Smith February 16, 2009
Verb meaning 'to do poetry' in a nonreading manner.
It can range from pretending to be a Shakespearean
actor in one's own residence, to practicing lines in
public in order to memorize poems. The term can
also be an adjective with a different pronunciation.
The verb pronounces the last syllable as 'kate' and
the adjective pronounces the final syllable as 'kit'.
Omaha goes to High Park as often as possible to
poeticate whenever he has a skedded poetry gig.
by Ward Smith February 16, 2009
The state of many followers of Barack Obama, perhaps
ironic given the context of his election as president.
She's completely slavish in her prez comportment.
Another BO peep. Her granny's granny was a slave.
by Ward Smith January 22, 2009
An expression that imparts a positive message:
'for sure' or 'that's good' or 'totally plus', etc.

Can be used as an adjective, as a noun or as
a verb to create an impression that is upbeat.
Sweat it not, my friend. That guy is totally bonafido.
You'll get your money back. And with some extra coin.
by Ward Smith February 25, 2009
A person (overly) enthusiastic about Barack Obama.
plural: BO peeps … alternate spelling(s): BOpeep(s)
My friend began crying like all those BO peeps on the mall when Obama started into his inauguration speech.
by Ward Smith January 21, 2009