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when you have to pee really bad but you have a boner, so you have to do that weird squat/lean forward thing.
"man, i woke up this morning and had the worst peerection."
by walter_ego February 19, 2010
Exclamation of outrage. Stands for "Jesus fucked Mary Magdalene's Cunt!"
guy 1: Hey did you delete Grey's Anatomy?

guy 2: Yeah that show sucks.

guy 1: Jfmmc! I was going to watch that you goddam cum dumpster!

guy 2: You're a fag.
by walter_ego November 27, 2010
Exclamation of outrage. Stands for:Oh My Jesus Fuck. Way more obscene than omg.
cindy: "do you smell that?"

tracy: "sorry, i totally just sharted."

cindy: "omjf you filthy whore why is your asshole so loose?"
by walter_ego June 24, 2010
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