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2 definitions by wakaflakaflame

a style in which no one can achieve other than the man himself. this style includes the swagger of one million unicorns, as well as shitting on peoples faces when you lay down those frontside overcrooks on the damn round rail. if you are to ever achieve The Donnie Cassese 1 of 2 things will happen...
1:your head will explode from a swag overload
2:everyone will jizz their pants at the same time... except for the actual donnie cassese(of course)
having the donnie cassese is almost a sign of true dominance in society
(this is a simulation that may never happen in real life
person 1-"yo dude i may have The Donnie Cassese going!" *shows off his skate swag
person 2-*head explodes from shear amazement*
by wakaflakaflame May 16, 2011
a person who constantly sends information over sites such as facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. about the end of the world and anything in relation to such an occurence. usually resulting in extreme annoyance of the troll's friends
John-"guys the worlds ending tomorrow! im gonna go out and do this and this and this!"
person-"John the world isnt ending tomorrow you are such an apocalypse troll!"
by Wakaflakaflame May 19, 2011