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There are several definitions and key components of this small creature.

1. Small
2. Two Millimeter Penis
3. Can only take 1 Cone or commonly know as a 'Kiddie Cone'
4. 'VX gets heavy after a while' is commonly heard...
5. Loves getting with goth fat chicks at raves
6. Vomits very often, even after just one cone!

Conti is a fun, fat chick loving boy. Who loves spending long summer afternoons, tie-dyeing shirts, with his lover...
He has accomplished much in his life, such as being the first living male to actually have a penis with the diameter of a pin, and the length of a full grown female ant.
He is also the first boy to officially use a Sony VX 1000e as a muscle building apparatus. His most favorite line is: "But I thought we we're going to hook up tonight?" followed by a raunchy kiss with a fat slut.
Boy: Your small, 2mm, kiddie cone, vx gets heavy, goth-chick lover.

Conti: No you mean i'm conti!
#conti #small #dog #oner #mikal
by vxtimeranghalfasian1000d November 17, 2008
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