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A German band that sucks.

The band is made up of 4 gay guys who want to give a bad name to rock music by using trashy lyrics and melodies. Normal people like me think that they do each other. The singer doesn't know English, yet he sings in English. The guitarist who happens to be the twin brother of the singer, wears baggy clothes (hip hop style) which doesn't really match with being in a rock band.

Did I say rock band?
Oh no! Tokio Hotel is not a rock band! Rock music is so much better than their crap!

Most of their fans are in their early teenage years and that's the time when hormones are kicking in, so these girls (and also guys) go crazy over these 4 gay guys. People who listen to their music frequently turn emo also. So whatever you do, don't ever listen to them and live your life!

Tokio Hotel fan girl/boy: I can't laugh because I'm emo.

Normal guy/girl: From when are you emo?

Tokio Hotel fan girl/boy: From yesterday. I listened to all the songs from this German band Tokio Hotel and I decided to do this.

Normal guy/girl: Oh no! Not another one!
by vixen69 September 10, 2008
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