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just some of the things california has to offer:
1. close proximity to other cool states
2. the only beaches in the continental US besides florida that aren't freezing
3. Movie stars
4. The most diverse population of anywhere else you could ever imagine
5. snow!
6. agriculture
7. A GOVERNATOR (ahhnold)
8. ME!!
9. San Fransisco
Best place on earth. need I say more?
dude 1: you live in california?
dude 2: yeah, where do u live?
dude 1 : idaho
dude 2: wow if i lived in idaho I would have my mouth full of shotgun with my finger on the trigger.
dude 1 : why?
dude 2: cause cali is the best place on earth!!!!!
by viva la vie boheme<3 March 21, 2006
When you're at the dance @ camp & your friend is dancing with a guy & you're really bored so you dance with his back while she dances with his front...haha
guy: (to ur friend) u wanna dance?
ur friend: yeah (they start dancing)
you: ugh I'm so bored mind if I double dance with you guys?
bystanders: haha ur so wierd
by viva la vie boheme<3 March 24, 2006

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